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I've been on DA for a while now, and there have been many artists that I found just clicked in a certain way with my soul, as it were. I thought, why not share with world these many great artists with whom I have found much inspiration. 

:iconaltalamatox: I first found her through her artwork for her Character Eric, a man cursed with a morality spell. Ever since than I have come to see Tox as one of my biggest inspirations, and favorite artists in general. Partially because he is the reason I found and fell in love with her, Eric is my favorite character from her. Thank you Toxxy~ you will always have a place in my heart :heart:

:iconsuper-tuler: Oh my gosh, his silly panda character just makes my heart melt, as does most of his art. There is something about the colorful and uplifting tone to his art that just fills me to the brim with joy~ I can't remember how I found him, but I'm glad I did >3

:iconkoru-xypress: There is a gentleness to Koru's art style that I find rather comforting. His character too seem to be the kind of people that you could go to in times of sadness and seek comfort. Koru himself is a truly kind and thoughtful individual. It was because of his good humor, and his closeness to his faith, that I had decided to follow him. His cool characters were just the icing on the metaphorical cake ;P

:iconh0lyhandgrenade: Hrm... how did I find her you ask? Why through her amusing Mokepon series. A deconstruction of our beloved game franchise. I can't help but laugh through much of this series dark humor. Due to how much I enjoyed her comic I decided to follow her, and this has proven to be one of the more interesting people that I have come to follow. With her little personal anecdotes, and personal experiences told in comic form, I find it to be a joy to see something new from her.

:iconscrewbald: I found him while browsing the DA archives. It started out where I kept favoriting all this awesome artworks and than I began to realize, hey these are all from the same guy! Why not follow him. Boy am I glad I did that. I just love all the art that he does, and... I have to admit there are some of his characters that I find rather attractive :blush: Don't judge me!

:iconchirart: I've been following her for a long time, and mostly because I just loved how her art looked. Something about her art-style just seems so sensual, so alive! Is it weird to say its like seeing porn, without the porn? :blush: Sorry, horrible analogy. In any case, she is one of the first big artistic inspirations that I began to follow. Just recently I started following her tumblr, and I've been finding myself growing more and more intrigued by her.

:iconaokamidu: I remember long ago finding his artwork and being uncertain of how to feel about him. I didn't favorite anything, I just viewed his stuff. It was beautiful, but something kept me from following. (That being I didn't have a DA account ;p) He along with Chira were some people that I followed unofficially for a while. Unlike Chira though, it was a long time before I got around to following him. I really love his artwork, with its watercolor looks. I also like all the work that he has been putting into his comic series.

:iconcottonvalent: Now we are getting into some of my more recent follows. I have always had a love for the macabre, things that stray into a Yume Nikki sensibility. I never thought that I'd find an artist that captured the dreamlike darkness so well. But I did. And her name is Cotton Valent. I knew right from the moment I saw her gallery that I had found an artist that portrayed my taste for the dark so well. :clap: It was such a joy to find her, and I am very happy to share her with everyone else who doesn't know about her yet.

:iconm-jenai: Last, but not least, is M-Jenai, my most recent find. Their drawings all look so beautiful, again showing off the sensual sensibility that I have grown to love so much from so many artists. Their characters truly seem to be alive. To be of flesh and blood. I can see that there is a story to go with these characters too, but I am uncertain of what it is yet. I hope to one day see the full details of these characters stories.

So here are many of the artists that I have grown to idolize over the years. Tell me about some artists that you idolize too~ Maybe I can find some more to add to my list ;P
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And you're very welcome, on topic of that fave I gave you ;)
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